System capable of detecting micro-cracks (even in the order of microns) thanks to irradiation with LED technology, developed for the industry of aluminum or strip cans and containers tin-plated for food use.

Non-contact Mechanism safety sensors, RSS series with RFID technology, easy to install and with excellent tolerance to misalignment. Individually coded for high security applications, they are designed to work with any safety module on the market. Several models (with different mechanical dimensions) classified up to IP69K for use in harsh environments. Available in ABS or AISI 316 steel, they resist vibrations and washing and are ideal for use in the food industry. Diagnostic LEDs, cable or connector versions.

The latest generation of non-contact safety sensors , O-Type series, with OSSD outputs . The OSSD outputs allow you to connect up to 30 sensors in series while maintaining a PL-e safety level. Two encoding options are available: magnetic and highly encoded RFID. External device monitoring (EDM) can be performed without the need for a safety controller (while maintaining the highest level of functional safety).
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